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[05/02/1998 note]
Note that I am currently not doing any collecting, you can read
why at my main cards page, but these lists are
being left online as a reference for those of you who are doing
some collecting.  Feel free to mail me with
questions, even though I'm not doing any collecting at the moment.

Last Updated [04-30-97]

       The list is by no means complete.  If you have any cards of the
       listed players, let me know and I'll check if I have the cards.

(P) = Pat Hentgen       (M) = Mike Timlin         
(E) = Ed Sprague        (T) = Turner Ward  (ex-Jay)

(E)  Topps Traded Glossy    113T        (E)  Bowman Glossy          252
                                        (E)  Topps Big              40  oly

(E)  Bowman Glossy          511         (E)  Topps Debut            167
(T)  Topps Debut            ???  rc

(E)  Classic Series I       T90         (E)  Classic Green          T88
(M)  Classic Green          T90         (E)  Fleer Update           U66 xrc
(M)  Fleer Update           U68  rc     (E)  Fleer Ultra Update     U63
(E)  Score 12 Natl Convention 7         (E)  Score NCWA Convention  7
(E)  Stad Club Promo Large  387         (P)  Topps Debut            '#?  rc
(T)  Topps Glossy           555         (M)  Topps Traded Glossy    121T
(E)  Upper Deck Final      47F fudc

(M)  Cartwright's           7           (P)  Classic Red/Blue       T16 err
(M)  Fleer Rookie Sensations NNO pr     (P)  Fleer Update           U64
(M)  O-Pee-Chee             108         (E)  O-Pee-Chee             516
(E)  Score Rising Star      52          (P)  Score Traded           96T
(T)  Stadium Club III       691         (E)  Topps/Dairy Queen      15
(E)  Topps Debut            167         (M)  Topps Debut            172
(P)  Topps Debut            74          (E)  Topps Gold             516
(M)  Topps Gold Winners     108         (E)  Topps Gold Winners     516
(T)  Toronto Fire Safety    24          (M)  Toronto Fire Safety    40
(E)  Upper Deck (gold holo) 242         (M)  Upper Deck (gold holo) 409

(E)  Donruss Triple Play    283
(P)  Stadium Club 1st Day   26          (P)  Stadium Club Members Only  26
(E)  Stadium Club 1st Day   90          (E)  Stadium Club Members Only  90
(M)  Stadium Club 1st Day   120         (M)  Stadium Club Members Only  120
(E)  Topps Gold             659         (P)  Topps Gold             752
(M)  Fleer                  345         (P)  Fleer Team Leaders     11
(M)  Fleer Ultra            144         (P)  Pinnacle               316
(P)  Pinnacle Artist's Proofs  316      (E)  Pinnacle Artist's Proofs  459
(E)  Pinnacle Museum        459         (M)  Score Gold Rush        322
(E)  Score Gold Rush        399         (P)  Score Gold Rush        509
(E)  Stadium Club           418         (T)  Stadium Club           550
(E)  Stadium Club 1st Day   418         (M)  Stadium Club 1st Day   441
(T)  Stadium Club 1st Day   550         (P)  Topps Finest           400
(E)  Topps Finest Refractor 160         (P)  UD CC Gold Signature   133
(E)  UD CC Gold Signature   423         (E)  UD CC Silver Signature 423

(P)  Flr Team Leaders (w/Carter) 14     (P)  Flr Update Soaring Star 5
(E)  Pinnacle Artists Proofs  112       (T)  Score Gold Rush        263
(T)  Score Gold Rush Platinum 263       (P)  Select Artist's Proof  26
(P)  Stadium Club           454         (E)  Topps Cyberstats       90
(P)  Topps Embossed Gold    5           (P)  Topps League Leader    LL21
(P)  UD CC Gold Signature   149         (P)  UD CC Silver Signature 149

(E)  Donruss Press Proof    30          (P)  Donruss Press Proof    433
(E)  Fleer                  283         (P)  Fleer Tiffany          276
(M)  Fleer Tiffany          284         (E)  Fleer Ultra            151
(P)  Flr Ultra Gold Medall  147         (E)  StadClub Extreme Gold  NNO
(E)  StadClub Extreme Silver NNO        (P)  StadClub 1st Day       149
(E)  StadClub 1st Day       386         (P)  StadClub Silver Foil   149
(E)  StadClub Silver Foil   386         (P)  UD CC Gold Signature   743
(E)  UD CC Gold Signature   748         (E)  UD CC Silver Signature 748



Thanks for looking,
Derek Tam

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