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[05/02/1998 note]
Note that I am currently not doing any collecting, you can read
why at my main cards page, but these lists are
being left online as a reference for those of you who are doing
some collecting.  Feel free to mail me with
questions, even though I'm not doing any collecting at the moment.

I PROBABLY NEED THEM TOO.  I am looking only for 1996 and earlier Alomars
Rock: Witchita Pilots       4

Broder Rookies II           17          Broder Rookies III          8
Broder Rookies IV           2           Broder Rookies IV           18
CMC: Las Vegas Stars        20          Fleer Update Glossy         122U
Score Traded Glossy         105T        Smokey the Bear Padres      2

APG Game Card               NNO         Baseball Cards Magazine     50
Bimbo Discs   (error)       12          Broder Baseballs Best II    13
Byn Puerto Rico Winter      C-2/34      Classic (Roberto on front)  79  err
Kenner Starting Lineup      NNO         O-Pee-Chee (tl)             231
Padres/Coke                 1           Star: Alomar Bros (promo)   NNO

Donruss (Factory)           111         Fleer Glossy                149
Padres/Coke                 1           Unocal: Padres Magazine     10

Canadian Sportscard Collector  3        LofGam: All Star Fanfest    NNO
Panini Sticker French       92          Sports Card Digest Price Guide  48
SCD Price Guide             50          Score Rookie & Traded Glossy   44T
Stadium Club Previews (promo)  304      Topps Glitter               315
Topps Traded Glossy         2T          Toronto Fire Safety         12

Barry Colla Autograph                   Barry Colla Promo         NNO prfr
Canadian Card News          3           Cdn Sportscard Collector    3
Donruss                     563         High Five Decal             NNO
Highland Mint Bronze        NNO         Highland Mint Silver        NNO
Kenner Starting Lineup (blue ink)       Legends Promo               36
RBI Mag Promo               53          Score/Coke/Hardees Disk     4
Score Promo                 15          SCR Magazine Prime Pics     20
SportsReportMagazine Sample 14 promo    SportsReportMagazine Silver 14 promo
Toronto Fire Safety         12
Upper Deck Fanfest Gold     11          Upper Deck (gold holo)      355

Bleachers 23 K Gold         NNO         Bleachers 23 K Gold         NNO
Bleachers 23 K Gold         NNO         Bleachers Prism             NNO
Bleachers Prism             NNO         Bleachers Prism             NNO
Bleachers Promo             NNO         Bleachers Promo             NNO
Collector's Chronicle       9           Collector's Chronicle (promo) 9
OPC Star Performer          3           Pacific Biesbol Amigos      7
Pinnacle Cooperstown FX     29          Revoluntionary Comics       13
Revoluntionary Comics       14          Revoluntionary Comics       15
Score/Pinnacle Promo sheet  NNO         Sports Art Images           8
SportsCard Digest Magazine  19          Stadium Club 1st Day        596  mc
Stadium Club Members Only   142         Stadium Club Members Only   596  mc
Topps Black Gold Winner     ABCD        TBlackGold Winner Certified ABCD
Topps Black Gold Winner     CD          TBlackGold Winner Certified CD
Topps Finest All-Star Jumbo 88          Topps Finest Refractors     88   as
Topps (Marlins gold stamp)  50
Topps Sample                000         Upper Deck (Factory)        42
Upper Deck (Factory)        355         UD 5th Anniversary Super    A3

Bicycle/Jays Playing Cards 7 clubs      Bicycle/Jays Playing Cards 7 spades
Bicycle/Jays Playing Cards 7 diamonds   Bowman's Best Refractor     R7
Bwmn Suprstr Sampler Baker's Doz  1     King B Jerky Disc Square    20
Oh Henry! Dome Giveaway     12          Pacific Prisms Triangle Bkg 5
Pacific All-Latino          17          Sports Illustrated for Kids NNO
Stadium Club First Day      110         StadClub Suprstr Sampler Bakrs Doz 1
Team Stadium Club First Day 153         Team StadiumClub Finest FDP 1
Topps Black Gold Winners    AB          Topps Black Gold Winners    ABCD
Topps Finest Jumbos         205         TFinest Suprstr Sampler Bakrs Doz 1
Topps Gold                  385  as     UD CC Gold Signature        33
UD CC Gold Signature        631  uc     UD CC Silver Signature      321  cl
Upper Deck Next Generation  1           UD Nxt Gen Electric Diamond 1
UD SP Holoview FX Red       1

Bicycle Jays Aces 85-95     5 clubs     Bicycle Jays Aces 85-95    A hearts
Bowman's Best Refractor     R57         Bowman Silver Foil          368
Classic Phone Card
King-B Disc                 1           King-B Square               1
Oh Henry! Dome Giveaway     12          Pinnacle Collector Pin Card 8
Post Canadian               4           Score Gold Rush             553
Score Rules Jumbo           SR8         Sportflix Artist's Proof    128
Sports Illustrated for Kids NNO
Topps Finest Refractors     137         Upper Deck CC Scratch Card  NNO
UD Electric Diamond Gold    40          UD SP Championship Diecuts  100  ol
UD Special Edition Gold     197

Bowman's Best               65          Bowman's Best Atomic Refractors  65
Bowman's Best Mirror Image  2           Bow Best Mirror Img Refract 2
Bowman's Best Refractors    65          Fleer Circa                 1
Fleer Circa Boss            1           Fleer Circa Rave            1
Fleer Ultra                 573         Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion  301
Fleer Update                U1          Fleer Update Smooth Leather 1
Fleer Update Tiffany        U1          Leaf Limited                50
Leaf Limited Gold           50          Leaf Preferred Press Proofs 61
Leaf Preferred Steel Gold   12          Leaf Signature              48
Leaf Sig Autograph Bronze   5           Leaf Signature Auto Gold    5
Leaf Sig Autograph Silver   5           Leaf Signature Press Proofs 48
Pacific Cramer's Choice     CC1         Pacific Gold Crown Diecuts  DC1
Pacific Prisms Gold         P23         Pacific Prisms Red Hot Stars RH1
Pinncacle Starburst         142         Pinn Starburst Artist Proof 142
Pinn Aficionado Art Proof   97          Pinn Aficionado Art Proof   160
Score Dugout                90          Select Artist's Proof       122
Select Certified Blue       99          Select Certified Gold       99
Sportflix                   73          Sportflix Artist's Proof    73
Sportflix Double Take       2           Stadium Club Silver Foil    176
Studio Press Proofs Bronze  29          Studio Press Proofs Gold    29
Studio Press Proofs Silver  29          Summit                      146
Summit Artist's Proof       146         Summit Foil                 146
Summit Positions            2           Topps Chrome Refractor      119
Topps Finest                228         Topps Finest Bronze Refract 228
Topps Finest Gold Refract   197         UD CC Gold Signature        463
UD CC Silver Signature      463         UD SP                       29
UD SP Special FX Diecut     24          UD SPx                      6
UD SPx Bound For Glory      7           UD SPx Gold                 6
Zenith Artist's Proofs      18          Zenith Artist's Proofs      141
Zenith Z-Team               11

Can anyone verify if these exist?  If so, add 'em to my list of needs.
Pinnacle Foil                           UD CC You Make the Play     1 or 2

Nope.  Keep the 1997 cards.  I don't want 'em.
There are / will be too many out there to make it worthwhile.
Heck, there are too many 1996 cards too.


Micro Stars Baseball

Thanks for looking,
Derek Tam

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